Being Active Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • September 30, 2015


When you get together with friends, what do you typically do? Meet up at your local watering hole? Head to your favorite restaurant for dinner and a movie? Alternate hosting dinner at each others homes?

I am going to give you a CHALLENGE. Next time you get together with a group of friends, do something different. Rather than meeting up to sit together, meet up to be active together. Get out and play! Here are a few ideas of things that you could do together that involve activities, rather than just food and booze. I know, I know, food and booze are fun, I mean hey I make a mean mojito, but when you are aiming to reach your best life goals, sometimes the bartender flair has to take a back seat and you’ve got to put some miles on those tennis shoes instead.

  1. Start up a running/walking group. Whether its at lunch, after work, or on Saturday mornings, this is a great way to catch up while burning some calories.
  2. Find a local park where you can meet to play basketball, volleyball, softball, etc with a group of friends. Working together as a team can even strengthen relationships and help you to become closer.
  3. Hit the gym together. Its always easier to get your workout in when you have a buddy to do it with.
  4. Meet up for a hike/picnic. Pack a cooler with some healthy essentials – low fat meats, cheeses, fruit, whole grain bread, water. Get those endorphins going and hike to that perfect spot. You can chat and catch up while you hike just as easily as you can sitting across the table from each other.
  5. Other ideas – canoeing, sledding, swimming, biking, rollerblading, golfing. The sky is the limit.

Have any ideas of your own to add? I encourage you to add them below in the comments section.

For more tips and information on what is going on in your area, check out This site is a great resource for outdoor activities.

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