Day 1: Finding Your Starting Point

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • September 12, 2015

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Day 1: Finding Your Starting Point

The Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge: Day 1 – First things first, we need to develop a starting point. How do you currently feel about health and fitness?


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Welcome to starting the Live Well 360 30-Day Challenge!

First things first, we need to develop a starting point. How do you currently feel about health and fitness?

Here are a few questions to reflect on and write about in your journal.

  • Why do I really want to be healthy and fit?
  • When I look in the mirror at myself, what do I see?
  • How do I feel about working out?
  • How do I feel about food?

Do the majority of your answers to these questions feel empowering or self-defeating?

The goal throughout this challenge is to shift your answers to these types of questions, or core beliefs, that are self-defeating into beliefs that are empowering, because ultimately if you feel empowered by health and fitness, then the lifestyle of health and fitness will naturally be more fun.

Making health and fitness fun – your starting point!

The first step in shifting beliefs about health, fitness, and your body, is to begin paying more attention to what you think, and ultimately how you feel.

By becoming more aware of the thoughts that bounce through your mind on a daily basis and the feelings they produce, you can start to weed out the thoughts and beliefs that you picked up along the way that actually aren’t helpful.

When you are reflecting on core beliefs today, ask yourself why you feel that way about that topic. As we move along through the challenge, that will be an important question regarding lots of topics.

What are some of your core beliefs that you are looking forward to changing?

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