Fashion, Function, and the Gym

  • Karran Gupta
  • October 2, 2015

This week and last, we were fortunate to have had a trunk show in the lobby retail shop of Equinox Santa Monica and Equinox West Hollywood featuring our new gym bag and yoga mat bag styles and color option.

Throughout the trunk show, we had a chance to talk with so many fellow fitness enthusiasts and introduce them to our line.

During the quieter moments, we also did a little people watching. To be more specific, we’re talking about fashion and accessories here, not about meeting Janice Dickenson, who by the way said she loved our bags and that they are going to “fly.” So, we’ve got that goin’ for us…which is nice [Caddyshackquote].

Anyway, we like to look at what people wear and how they wear it. Not in a judgmental way, but more so as research. Here are some of the things that we noticed.

  • A woman with a sleeveless, tan and red flowered knee length A-line dress with nude peep toe Prada heels… with a worn and ratty light pink and black duffel bag, circa 1990.
  • A girl wearing what resembled a white doily as a shirt (with nothing underneath it), heading into the gym for her workout.
  • A guy with a small duffel bag over one shoulder, a large tote bag over the other shoulder, his yoga mat under one arm, and a towel under his other arm.

We really wanted to take a picture of this guy so that we could share it on the blog (with a black circle over his face protecting his identity like you see in the back of fashion magazines), as the perfect candidate for a Luxx bag.

  • IMG_8200
    Quite a few people wearing the “Running Sucks.” t-shirt, which is interesting to us because if we really dislike running that much, we’d personally find some other form of exercise.
  • A woman with a gym bag that had a yoga mat attached to the bottom of it, that—every time she set it down—fell over due to the roundness of the yoga mat on the bottom.

The psychology of fashion and function is an interesting thing.

What goes into the decision to wear something particular?
How much emphasis is placed on function, or comfort, or trendiness?

These are things that we studied at length when we designed our line of bags. What we put on our bodies makes a statement about who we are and reflects a lot more about ourselves than most of us realize. Yet we all prioritize the importance of one element over another in different and very personal ways.

What interesting clothing and bag choices have you seen at the gym

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