I’m Jen Sinkler, and This is How I Work Out

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  • December 9, 2015

Jen Sinkler is a longtime fitness writer and personal trainer who talks about all things strength related at her website,

The former editorial director of fitness for Experience Life magazine, she writes regularly for a variety of national health magazines. Having coined the phrase “But what do you do for cardio? I lift weights faster!” she penned the conditioning workout ebooks Lift Weights Faster 1 and Lift Weights Faster 2, and published the recent powerlifting-centered book, Unapologetically Powerful.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into Jen’s workout routine!

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DSC_7558Name: Jen Sinkler
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Over the past year and a half, I’ve gone deep into the powerlifting rabbit hole, and though I never expected to compete in this sport, I’m loving it!

That focus means my workouts involve a lot of heavy squats, bench presses, and deadlifts – plus the accessory work that makes those three lifts totally solid (think pause squats, weighted step-ups, rows, and lots of other compound, multijoint movements that build full-body strength).

Here’s one of my recent workouts from my co-coach Jennifer Vogelgesang Blake’s new powerlifting program, Unapologetically Powerful. I select movements from the numbered blocks based on an intuitive, biofeedback-based training protocol we use in our gym, The Movement Minneapolis. I don’t do everything listed in each block, only one movement from each numbered section that tests well for me that day and feels good.

For example, for the main lift, I’d do a barbell squat variation (back, front, or Zercher) for three sets of 1 to 3 reps per set. For the primary assistance block I’d superset one of the three squat variations listed in block C1 with the suspension trainer palms-up inverted row. And so on through the entire program for that day.


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A Little More About Jen…

A fitness eclectic, she’s a certified RKC II and KBA kettlebell instructor, and an Olympic lifting coach through USA Weightlifting. She also holds coaching certs through Ground Force Method, Progressive Calisthenics, Onnit Academy, and DVRT (Ultimate Sandbag).

She was named to Greatist’s list of “The 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness” in both 2014 and 2015, and one of their “15 Must-Read Trainers Rocking the Web in 2013”; as well as one of Shape magazine’s “50 Hottest Female Trainers in America 2014” and their “Top 30 Motivators for 2013.” She was also listed as one of Huffington Post’s “20 of the Best Fitness Experts Worth Following on Twitter” in 2013 and “10 Fitness Experts To Follow On Social Media” in 2015.

A lifelong competitive athlete, Jen played rugby for 13 years, many of those on the U.S. women’s national 7s and 15s teams. She now co-owns the gym The Movement Minneapolis with her husband, David Dellanave.

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