The App that Has Me Looking Forward to My Workouts

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  • March 7, 2016

Let me set the scene for you: it was Monday night, I was at the gym and I was feeling a bit bored with my regular routine. I contemplated giving up entirely and heading home for the night but instead, I flipped open the app store on my phone to see if I could get inspired with any workout apps. I checked out a couple before stumbling across the Nike Training Club app.

The Nike Training Club app is the workout partner I always wished I had. Consider it your personal trainer of sorts.

The app features many fantastic workouts in a wide range of styles, which means that I can always find something that matches up to my mood and my preferred workout method. The workouts are also categorized by fitness level, which is awesome because I can choose a less intense workout when I’m feeling a bit sapped of energy and a higher intensity workout when I feel like a Workout Goddess.

The app is also super simple to use.

Once you’ve downloaded it and found the workout you want to do, you simply load it up, choose your music preference and get ready to get sweaty. The app times each of the moves in the workout so you know what to expect and features a helpful video so you have guidance throughout your entire set. You can follow along to the workout in real-time and you can also take a quick look to see which moves are coming up. There is also a helpful guide around the type of equipment that you’ll need for the workouts so you can be sure you’re prepared before you start.


The built-in community is motivating.

There’s also a really helpful Instagram-style news feed that is completely sports-related. You can get inspired by other training club participants and post your own photos to inspire others. One of the things that is extremely motivating, when it comes to keeping up with regular workouts, is community. Knowing that I can share my goals, my progress pics and other fitness-inspired items, encourages me to want to hit the gym up more often and capture more of those moments.


It goes where I go.

The best part about the Nike Training Club app is that it’s mobile. I can literally toss my phone, and a pair of headphones, into my gym bag¬†and have really fun workouts wherever I go. As someone who likes to mix it up and keep my workouts from getting boring, this has become my go-to app for workout ideas and inspiration.

What about you? Is there a particular fitness app that you use to motivate and inspire your workouts? Leave them in the comments below!

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