30-Day Challenge – A Road Map to Making Health and Fitness Fun

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • September 12, 2015


Each day, for the next 30-days we’ll be talking about a new topic related to making health and fitness fun.

We decided to publish this challenge beginning December 1st, so that on January 1st you’ll be ready to ROCK. However, you can start this road map at any point, it doesn’t have to be the beginning of the year.

I truly believe that we come across whatever tools we need, at exactly the point that we need them most.

Health and fitness during the holidays

Please don’t allow the upcoming holidays to discourage you from joining in.

A lot of people avoid doing challenges during the holidays because they think that they don’t have time or it’s too hard with all the loads of food and celebration, but I actually think it’s the best time.

You don’t have to wait for life to slow down in order to get a handle on it. You can live your life to the fullest and be truly healthy and fit.

That is what it means to “live well 360.”

Making health and fitness fun is about more than making health and fitness fun

This 30-day challenge is a guide based on what I’ve learned. Take the pieces that work for you, leave what doesn’t.

My intent is not to tell you that what you are doing is wrong and that this is the right way to live, but perhaps to inspire you to think about things in a different way.

Making health and fitness fun is a piece of a much bigger puzzle really. The idea of finding joy in the lifestyle of being healthy and fit is about allowing yourself to open up and be who you really are.

Let’s get started

For the challenge, you will need a notebook and pen so that you can write down your thoughts each day. Or, if journaling on the computer works better for you, that’s fine too.

The main thing is that you do it, so it’s important to take whatever method works for you.

Either way, reflecting on the topic and writing down your thoughts will help you to be able to flip back through them quickly if you need a refresher at any time.

So let’s begin. Ready yourself for a new year, a new outlook, and a new adventure. This could be just the shake-up you need to really begin living your best life!

Day 1: Finding Your Starting Point

Day 2: The Live Well 360 List

Day 3: Water the Seeds

Day 4: Stop Telling Stories of Past Hardships

Day 5: Celebrate Your Daily Victories

Day 6: Exercise As Creative Expression

Day 7: Why Does Food Taste Good?

Day 8: Live By the Rule of Inclusion Instead of Exclusion

Day 9: Investment Equals Priority

Day 10: Challenge Yourself

Day 11: Listen To What Your Body Is Telling You

Day 12: Give Your Body TLC

Day 13: Age Is Not Your Enemy

Day 14: Don’t Try To Change Others

Day 15: Stop Researching

Day 16: Breathe

Day 17: Agree To Disagree

Day 18: Put On Your Second Chance Glasses

Day 19: Finding Your People

Day 20: Quality Versus Quantity

Day 21: The Cells of Your Body Are Smarter Than You Think They Are

Day 22: The Power of Positive Affirmations

Day 23: Roll with the Flow

Day 24: The Shower Hug

Day 25: Make Friends With Food

Day 26: Happiness Brings Success

Day 27: Be Silly Daily

Day 28: Your Workout is Your Meditation

Day 29: Distractions

Day 30: So What’s It Going To Be?


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