Three Main Factors to be Considered for Choosing a Gym Tote Bag for Your Needs

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • January 21, 2021

A good gym tote bag is important for any gymgoer. Having a bag that makes organization simple, and that serves as a reliable holder for all your gear, keeps your focus on the gym. A bag should not be too hard to choose, right? While there are many gym bags on the market, not all are going to provide you with the best support. So what sets the good apart from the bad? Let’s look at three of the big things you should look for in a gym tote.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Who doesn’t love a well-organized bag? A gym tote bag should come with well-planned out pockets that make organizing your gym gear simple. A great feature to look for is a separate pocket for your shoes and dirty laundry. It is no secret that gym shoes tend to be on the smelly side, and after a workout, your clothes are likely going to need a good wash. With a separate pocket, you can separate your gym shoes and laundry from the rest of your gear. Having a holder for your water bottle is another great feature, and zipped pockets make storing your cellphone, gym pass, and other smaller items quick and easy.

Good Quality Materials

While the price may be higher than your everyday reusable bag, a gym tote bag made of high-quality materials will result in less hassle and provide you with a bag that will serve you better for longer. The last thing you need is a flimsy gym bag with straps that are tearing and a bottom at risk of falling out. Some key things to look for are materials such as high-quality nylon, thick and durable padded straps, and metal hardware inside the bag to provide support.

Easy to Care For

A gym tote bag should be easy to maintain and clean when needed. Don’t confuse easy to maintain with cheap – your gym tote should be made of sturdy material that can support all your gear. A bag made of material that demands a careful cleaning regiment is not very convenient considering your gym bag is going to be getting a lot of use. Finding a gym tote bag that is both water and odor resistant will make your life easier and keep your focus on the gym.

A Better Bag

Investing in a great gym tote bag will keep you organized and ready to grab-and-go when it’s time to hit the gym. Not just any bag is going to cut it. When you are shopping for gym totes, keep these three factors in mind to make sure your tote is working as hard as you are. At Live Well 360, our gym tote bags are designed to provide the support you need. Our totes come with an easy-access large pouch, a special pocket for your shoes and laundry, a zipped pouch for valuables, and pockets for your shaker or water bottle. Get more from your gym gear with Live Well 360’s high-quality gym tote bag.

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