Top Five Features of a Great Women’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • August 7, 2020

A great women’s gym bag with shoe compartment makes having everything you need for a great workout easy and convenient. This gym bag is so versatile that it can easily be used for your routine trip to the gym, a weekend yoga retreat, or a few days away for work. Check out these great features:

1) Shoe and Dirty Clothes Compartment: The best feature of this bag is the separate area for dirty clothes and shoes. Whether you’ve just finished a great workout or are on a trip, keeping dirty clothes and shoes away from the clean contents of your bag is important. No need to bring along extra bags to store your sweaty clothes in with this womens gym bag with shoe compartment. Just zip them in the lined pocket in the side of the bag. The shoe compartment has ample room for your shoes and sweaty clothes. Best of all, the shoe compartment is vented so your wet items can dry out.

2) Interior Layout: The interior of this women’s gym bag with shoe compartment is fantastic. The large main area fits extra workout gear, a change of clothes and your makeup bag. If you’re heading out to a weekend getaway, your clothes will easily fit in this section. The pockets along the inside edges are perfectly organized. A fleece-lined pocket is the perfect place to keep your watch or jewelry safe. The large zippered pocket holds shampoo and other toiletry items.

Women’s Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

3) Removable Yoga Strap: A removable yoga mat strap makes this women’s gym bag with shoe compartment even more versatile. Free up your hands by strapping on your yoga mat, towel, or foam roller. When you’re travelling, these straps are great for holding your jacket or sweater. The yoga mat straps are easy to remove if not in use.

4) Exterior Pockets: This women’s gym bag with shoe compartment has great exterior pockets. A large, padded pocket along one side is perfect for storing your laptop or tablet. The smaller pockets are great for your wallet and cell phone. There is even a pocket with a clipable key lanyard to make sure your keys stay both secure and accessible. An easy water bottle pocket makes it easy to stay hydrated.

5) Durable: Made of ultra-durable ballistic nylon, this women’s gym bag with shoe compartment is made to last. The fabric is simple to clean with a quick wipe. The accessory rings, reinforcements and zippers are all made of sturdy metal. This women’s gym bag with shoe compartment is strong enough to withstand your daily workouts and weekend getaways.

A perfect women’s gym bag with shoe compartment is a great thing. Going to the gym or on a trip knowing that all of your important items are stored safely takes the worry out of packing. It’s even better when you can keep your dirty clothes and shoes separate from everything else. They thought of everything when they designed this women’s gym bag with shoe compartment. Click here to learn more.

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