Top Five Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holders

  • LiveWell360 Staff
  • October 22, 2021

Let’s face it, sometimes getting to the gym or yoga studio is tough. If your workout gear is all over the place, that just adds in one more excuse not to work out. Choosing the best type of gym bag with yoga mat holder can help you to get your exercise routine on track, but there are so many to pick from.

Check out these pros and cons for the top types of gym bags with yoga mat holders on the market:

Top 5 Styles of Gym Bags with Yoga Mat Holders

1) Yoga Mat Straps: This is the simplest way to transport your yoga mat. Clip the straps around your mat and use the long loop to throw over your shoulder.

Pro: simple and inexpensive

Con: No storage for any other gym necessities

2) Yoga Mat Duffle Bags: This bag is as long as your yoga mat, but it has a little storage for any extras.

Pro: Compact and lightweight

Con: Only enough storage space for your yoga mat, blocks, straps, and maybe a cell phone.

3) Backpack with Yoga Straps: Straps affixed to the bottom of a backpack allow you to clip your yoga mat to the bottom of your bag.

Pro: Enough room inside the backpack for workout gear and the attached yoga storage leaves your hands free.

Con: It can be a little bulky walking with a large backpack and yoga mat on your back.

4) Deep Sling Bag: This type of bag is long enough to carry a yoga mat upright.

Pro: These bags are stylish and usually have enough space for a few gym essentials.

Con: The bag is so long that it can get in the way for shorter yogis.

5) Shoulder Bag with External Strap: This is my favorite style of a gym bag with a yoga mat holder. A shoulder bag with interior pockets allows for enough storage to keep all of your gym essentials in once place while the attached yoga strap is a convenient way to carry your mat.

Pro: Lots of pockets and storage areas to carry everything you need.

Con: There’s so much space that I tend to overpack and it gets a little heavy.

My Favorite Gym Bag with Yoga Mat Holder

Live Well 360’s “The Accel” is my favorite gym bag with yoga mat holder of all time. It does everything I need it to do, all in one bag. It is made of extremely durable ballistic nylon that always looks great. It has a padded compartment for my tablet, smaller interior pockets for keys and my wallet, and an interior water bottle pocket. My yoga mat easily straps to the outside and I can throw the whole thing over my shoulder and head out the door. No more excuses and missing the gym! My gym bag is always ready to go.

Our team here at Live Well 360 is proud to carry the products that we love to use every day. We are committed to creating highly functional gym and fitness bags to suit your lifestyle.

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